Flotilla Grand Challenge for Our Planet
Flotil­la Grand Chal­lenge for Our Planet

Conservation X Labs

Halt­ing the Impact of Microfi­bres on Human and Plan­e­tary Health

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Wayfinder Society
Wayfind­er Society


Pro­mot­ing the par­tic­i­pa­tion of young peo­ple in local and glob­al solu­tions to plas­tic pollution

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Towards Plastic-Free Healthcare in Europe
Towards Plas­tic-Free Health­care in Europe

Health Care Without Harm

Mobil­is­ing Health­care to Pre­vent Plas­tic Pollution

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Plastic-Free Schools
Plas­tic-Free Schools

Surfers Against Sewage

Empow­er young peo­ple to free their schools and wider com­mu­ni­ties from sin­gle-use plastic

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Plastic-Free Campuses
Plas­tic-Free Campuses

Break Free From Plastic

Empow­er­ing youth to demand a future free from plas­tic pollution

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Throw-Away Free Places
Throw-Away Free Places


Mak­ing the throw-away free” cul­ture the new normal

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Zero Waste Living Lab Indonesia
Zero Waste Liv­ing Lab Indonesia


A mar­ket devel­op­ment approach to enable zero-waste lifestyles

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Plastic Brand Audits
Plas­tic Brand Audits

Break Free from Plastic

Demand­ing cor­po­rate account­abil­i­ty for plas­tic pollution

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Weddell Sea Expedition
Wed­dell Sea Expedition

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