Microfiber Partnership
Microfiber Part­ner­ship

Ocean Wise

Inno­vat­ing to Elim­i­nate Microfiber Pollution

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Mission Reuse
Mis­sion Reuse

Natuur & Milieu

Mak­ing reusables the new nor­mal in every­day life

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Brand Audits 2021
Brand Audits 2021

Break Free from Plastic

Demand­ing cor­po­rate account­abil­i­ty through glob­al brand audits.

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Education for Antarctic Conservation (phase 2)
Edu­ca­tion for Antarc­tic Con­ser­va­tion (phase 2)

Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

Edu­cat­ing school stu­dents for Antarc­tic con­ser­va­tion through the Wed­dell Sea Expe­di­tion experience

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Balearic MPA Pride
Balearic MPA Pride

Marilles Foundation

Improv­ing the effec­tive­ness of marine pro­tect­ed areas in the Span­ish Balearics through local com­mu­ni­ty engagement

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Save the Waves Mobile App
Save the Waves Mobile App

Save the Waves

Mobi­liz­ing the Surf Com­mu­ni­ty to Pro­tect the Ocean and Coasts

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Halting Harm in Scotland’s Essential Fish Habitats
Halt­ing Harm in Scotland’s Essen­tial Fish Habitats

Open Seas Trust

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Better Management for Sharks & Rays
Bet­ter Man­age­ment for Sharks & Rays

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

Secur­ing sus­tain­able trade lim­its for sharks

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Ocean Campus
Ocean Cam­pus

Surfrider Foundation Europe

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Microplastic Prevalence in the Weddell Sea Region
Microplas­tic Preva­lence in the Wed­dell Sea Region

Nekton Foundation

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Citizen Science Tackling Urban Plastic Pollution
Cit­i­zen Sci­ence Tack­ling Urban Plas­tic Pollution

University of Portsmouth

Har­ness­ing cit­i­zen sci­ence to tack­le urban and coastal ocean plas­tic pollution

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Ocean Plastic Policy Hub
Ocean Plas­tic Pol­i­cy Hub

University of Portsmouth

An ocean plas­tics pol­i­cy hub to sup­port improved plas­tics pol­i­cy and greater pub­lic accountability

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