Throw-Away Free Places


The throw-away lifestyle that has been mar­ket­ed to con­sumers and busi­ness­es is at the root of plas­tic pol­lu­tion around the globe. Life-cycle analy­sis research shows that sub­sti­tut­ing throw-away plas­tic for anoth­er throw-away prod­uct is usu­al­ly no bet­ter for the environment. 

The Throw-away Free Places ini­tia­tive by Upstream aims to make the throw-away-free cul­ture the new nor­mal. The project helps trans­form icon­ic venues (schools, cities, com­mu­ni­ties, busi­ness­es), by say­ing no to dis­pos­able pack­ag­ing and design­ing reusable sys­tems that are con­ve­nient and sus­tain­able — vir­tu­al­ly elim­i­nat­ing throw-away prod­ucts and giv­ing peo­ple real and reusable options. In get­ting these pio­neers to become throw-away-free, it will show that throw-away is becom­ing unac­cept­able and real and reusable is the future

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